Guitarist: Agustín el Moro









Born in Atlanta, GA during the mid 60’s, Austin Hubert a.k.a. Agustin el Moro, was always fascinated by guitar and other musical instruments but didn’t have the means to study until he moved to San Diego, California in 1989. He bought a guitar, and traveled and lived in Mexico and Spain where he began his endeavors as a Flamenco guitarist.

After returning to San Diego, he studied under local guitarist Paco Sevilla, John “Juan Moro” Moore and took workshops and lessons with Flamenco and Jazz guitarists traveling in and around the area.

Agustín has played professionally in local Restaurants such as Costa Brava, The Turquoise, Ole Madrid (no longer in existence), 98 Bottles and various coffee shops in the San Diego area.

In 1994 he began accompanying Flamenco classes at Juanita Franco’s dance studio, Academia de Baile Español , and did so for 20 years. In addition to playing at Academia de Baile Español, he  currently accompanies other dance classes, such as Flamenco Basics, with Maestra Marisol Apostol , La Essencia Flamenco, with Maestra Patricia Casey and with La Reyes.  Agustín plays both a traditional and modern form of Flamenco that experiments with a variety of styles and musical genres.

For information regarding events or to contract Agustín for a show, complete the form below, or contact him at 619-518-1412

Guitar/Flamenco/Latin/Jazz/Tennis/All Things Under the Sun