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Me playing for Erika Lopez's Class at Juanita Franco's Studio in San Diego, CA.
Me playing for Erika Lopez’s Class at Juanita Franco’s Studio in San Diego, CA.

Austin Hubert, a.k.a. Agustin is a dreamer, a Writer, a Flamenco Guitarist, a Tennis Player, a Husband, a Father, a Literature buff, and sometimes a joker, especially in the style of “Ellegua”. Although all of these things I am have been part of my life for twenty plus years, they are not listed here in any particular order and serve as merely a list. I enjoy many things and my interests are all impacted by that which I am, but when all is said and done, I’m just me and enjoy writing and sharing things I’ve done and am doing.

The Site:
“According to Chop…” is a site dedicated to the conglomeration, or better put, “stream of consciousness mashup” this author and perhaps others may have regarding the variety of topics that appear in media and other mediums that flood our world. In addition, many of the articles will include themes such as Writing, Literature, Flamenco (i.e., Guitar, Song and Dance), other Musical Genres, Tennis (e.g. opinion pieces and info on tournaments – professional and other), Movies and other areas that are of interest.

Don’t worry, I plan to ensure that the articles and entries maintain a dedication to topic and theme with only some mild overflow, but be forewarned that there may be some crossover. When I say “some crossover”, I don’t mean anything as disturbing as Benji’s thought flow in the “Sound and the Fury”, but as was mentioned, there will be some of that going on.

The overall goal of this little jaunt is to free my mind of things I may have commentary about, but don’t necessarily have an available audience via direct dialogue (or want for that matter), and have chosen to instead scratch that itch via the therapeutic medium of writing.

With that stated, I hope you enjoy my site, “According to Chop…” and look forward to posting articles that will elicit your commentary and readership.

Austin J. Hubert

Guitar/Flamenco/Latin/Jazz/Tennis/All Things Under the Sun

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