Couple your Skillsets or Else…

  • Austin J. Hubert
  • August 24, 2016
  • Coupling skillsets in the work place and with my music has taught me a thing or two and saved my music career, and definitely allowed me to continue to put food on my families table within my career. For the longest time, I spent years telling folks that I only do this, (not so much in the work place because the need for well rounded folks is a bit more pressing in an office situation, but definitely in music), or only play this style, or only…yada, yada, yada. It wasn’t a detriment at the time because what it allowed me to do was become a specialist and also afforded me the opportunity to learn something that no one else with my background was doing. In my business life, this manifested initially in my desire to become a creative, fiction writer, which lead to helping and teaching youth out on computers, which led to small time networking different systems (PC’s and Macs) which led to working a Help Desk, becoming a Technical Writer, and eventually becoming certified in the DoDAF, (Department of Defense Architectural Framework.) All of this to say, that those varied and multi-faceted skill sets allowed me the opportunity to find Enterprise Architecture (EA), and share what little I know in the short four years that I’ve been doing it, with various team members and folks that I encounter.  In music, which I’ve always wanted to since childhood, and more specifically guitar, I had an opportunity to play Tenor Sax for two years in elementary school back in Atlanta. Unfortunately because of our financial situation I had to give it up, and consequently forgot everything about reading or playing musical notes — but I digress… In music, I started with and stuck to Flamenco for more than 18 years, without learning or dabbling in other styles, and instead of taking that skillset and applying it as I should have, I let my inability to grow send me into a downward spiral of boredom and stagnation. I eventually stopped playing guitar, (only for two years), and blamed it on having to travel for work.  I now see that a skillset or specialty, whether in work or in music, must be nurtured and shared across disciplines in order to make it stronger, and perhaps more useful to not only the owner, but the recipients as well.   With that said, I’ve initiated my love of guitar into learning piano, and at work, I’ve gone deeper into looking at Enterprise Architecture, and considered how to better share it, for expanding my own growth. I’m looking how to couple EA with not only Information Technology and Weapons Systems, but also the everyday dealings of life and our environment. The concept is this, EA and the various Frameworks that are used in it, are in-depth plans that help folks stick to their original idea or goal that was set out, or solve a problem that exists. Couple your skillsets, you may be surprised at the outcome and the path that it presents you.