I think I’ve got “Open Mic” Fever!




Last night part of my band, Sol y Luna, did an Open Mic at Java Joe’s in San Diego: http://www.javajoessd.com/. It was fun and exciting for me to be doing something other than Flamenco, although our second number was actually converted into a Flamenco Palo, Bulerías, so I guess it doesn’t count that we did something other than Flamenco, but hey you are your roots and Flamenco was the first music that I begin playing on guitar and what I fell in love with.

I suppose what does count is that despite the slip into the familiar, I’m branching out and learning other styles of music, other genre’s, and am just being a lot more flexible and appreciative of other music forms and the folks who are expressing themselves within them (see my post on “How to become a better Flamenco). Five years ago the same wasn’t true, and because of that rigidness, I found myself abandoning my guitar for at least 2 1/2 years until the cut of not playing was too deep and my Flamenco family cajoled me into playing for the classes again (Big shout out to Malka Winograd and Erika Lopez for doing that).

Anyway, back to last nights experience. I had a blast watching the other folks perform and considered making it a regular routine, even without my band mates, just so that I can see what’s going on, make some connections and get better at those other styles I’m getting into. Part of the fun was having a coworker and some of her friends drop by to see us, so I knew that I couldn’t screw up, although I admit that I wasn’t comfortable being up there until I got to the Bulerías.

For the most part, the music was good and worth my while and a definite must for any young musicians who want to be heard and show what they can do. I saw a few sets that were very powerful and original. There was one cat from Chicago, by the name of Joshua Jones, who was doing his own thing and making me tap my foot, as well as another cat from Vermont who had some really cool things going on within his sound and style. I also got to enjoy the work of a young man 2 years new to guitar, by the name of Q Ortiz, who was totally original and very much the showman. I was impressed by them and some of the other folks who performed and it inspired me to think about

To get in touch with these cats and hire them for a gig, message them on Facebook. Believe me, it will be worth your while:

Joshua Jones https://www.facebook.com/joshua.jones.52831/photos

Q Rich Ortiz: